Ball hockey is a cross between football and ice hockey. Athletes use skates for movement, and also have golf clubs and protective equipment. The players are divided into two teams of 11 players each. Matches are played in an open area, the size of which is about the same as in football, and there are corners and penalties in bandy. The game lasts two halves of 45 minutes. In some cases (for example, snowfall, low temperature), according to the decision of the referees, there can be 3 halves of 30 minutes each.

It was in our country that the term “field hockey” originated. In the rest of the world, this sport is called “bandy”. The Russian Championship season begins in November and ends in March.
Since in the CIS countries ball hockey is not as popular as its counterpart with the puck or football, bookmakers are not very scrupulous about the distribution of odds for matches. Therefore, a player who understands this sport can have a good chance of winning.

Types of hockey bets

Russian online bookmakers do not offer a particularly wide variation of rates on bandy , however, you can make a bet on all standard match outcomes. Let’s consider the main types of field hockey bets.

Outcome betting

The first team or the second will win, or maybe the match will end in a draw? It is the bet on one of the three possible events that will be the “bet on the outcome”. In the lines of bookmakers, such bets can be denoted in a standard way: for example, the victory of the first team is W1, the victory of the second team is W2, a draw in the match is X.

Handicap betting

A handicap bet (on English-language resources – spread ) implies the initial advantage or lag of one of the parties in a sports competition. For example, a player made a bet “Team 1 wins with a handicap (-1.5)”. The match ended with the score 2: 0 in favor of team 1. The bet is considered to be won.

Correct Score Betting

It is difficult to guess the exact score of the match, which is why bookmakers offer such bets with rather high odds. They do not belong to the number of popular bets, either in field hockey or in any other sport, however, if the forecast hits the target, they bring significant benefits.

Long-term rates

Betting companies provide their players with the opportunity, even before the start of the season or tournament, to place a bet on the winner of the championship at the end of the season or a certain tournament. In some cases, you can also bet on the stage of the tournament, in which one or another participant (team) will be eliminated from the tournament, as well as on what stage he will manage to get to.