Despite the fact that volleyball is not included in the top 3 popular sports, it has a lot of fans. The game attracts the attention of the audience with its dynamics and the intensity of passions on the site. This interest is also not overlooked by bookmakers who offer live bets on volleyball (during the game) or in the “pre-match” mode (before the event starts). What should you pay attention to for those who want to bet on volleyball? We tell you about the main thing.5d2c261c3493c_1563174428.png

The International Volleyball Federation was founded in 1947. Already in 1949, the first World Championship in this sport was held, and in 1964 volleyball was included in the program of the Olympic Games. Playing volleyball requires high growth, so it has not become a truly mass sport, but the number of its fans remains impressive.

Special feature of the sport: constant rule changes

The first rules of the game of volleyball were published in 1897, and then the game was completely different from the modern one. The rules prescribed playing on courts measuring 7.6 x 15.1 m with a grid in the middle, the height of which was 198 cm. At the same time, the number of players on the court and the number of touches of the ball were not regulated. The game went up to 21 points in the game, and only points on their own serve were counted.

Such freedom of action created chaos, and the dynamics of matches were not enough, so first they introduced a limit on the number of players in one team on the court should be no more than six. Then the net was raised to a height of 243 cm and a limit was imposed — no more than three touches of the ball when drawing a combination. All this was done in the first half of the 20th century, but volleyball rules continue to change.

Now points are scored both on your own and on someone else’s serve, the ball can be touched with any part of the body, there is a purely defensive libero player in the teams. There are also restrictions on spades for lines, touching the grid, and much more.

Even fans of this game with many years of experience do not always know all its subtleties and nuances. Moreover, in modern volleyball, matches are often played according to different rules at different tournaments. For example, at some competitions, they make mandatory technical breaks when one of the teams reaches 8 and 16 points in a game, while at other starts there are no such breaks. It turns out that the coaches have less opportunities to influence the result during the match, giving instructions to the players.

However, it should be borne in mind that a successful strategy for betting on volleyball is created by understanding the essence of the game and paying attention to various factors in the analysis, and knowledge of the entire set of rules is only a “bonus”.

Types of bets on volleyball: important points and nuances

Betting on volleyball is generally similar to betting on other team sports with a ball, although there are some nuances.

Bets on the outcome, which are so popular in football, are practically not made in volleyball. Although bookmakers offer to bet both on the outcome of the match and on the result of a separate set. But in many matches, the difference in class between the teams is very large, and the odds of winning the favorite are too low. Sometimes bookmakers do not give it at all, limiting themselves to odds

Betting with a head start is a very popular choice of players of bookmakers who bet on this sport. What is a handicap in volleyball betting? This is the difference in the number of points scored between the teams, or more precisely, it is a deliberate advantage or an acceptable lag of one of the opponents. In volleyball, bookmakers give odds both for individual games and for the entire match.

Total bets are also popular in this sport. Volleyball total betting strategies may vary. Someone makes a bet on the number of points in the entire match, other players bet on the total in a separate set, and there are also individual totals of volleyball players. In general, a total bet implies a bet on a certain number of points-more or less than the indicator offered by the bookmaker.

Betting on a volleyball account is also offered by bookmakers, but experienced players rarely use this opportunity. When there is a big difference in class between teams, the coefficient for the score of 3:0 in games is given too low. If the opponents are “even”, it is very difficult to predict the exact score.

Bets on your balance. Not the most popular type of bet, which involves betting on reaching the score in a 24:24 game. Some players base their volleyball betting strategies in live mode on this type of bet, since the balance coefficient can change significantly during the set.

Statistical bids. Volleyball fans use their knowledge of some of the game patterns of individual teams. For example, the number of innings served, the number of timeouts, and even video reviews in a match. However, it is worth noting that few bookmakers accept such bets.

Even/odd bets. This type of betting, which is also popular in basketball, can be called a lottery. Sometimes players make such bets, but for this you do not have to do analysis and somehow prepare for the match: here you just have to rely on luck.

Long-term bets, for example, on winning the League of Nations, the World Cup, or any of the national championships of individual countries. Such bets are accepted long before the outcome of the tournament is known. The obvious disadvantage of such bids is that they will have to wait a long time to be calculated. But if the player manages to correctly predict the outcome of the competition without watching the teams play at the tournament, it is here that you can place a bet at a higher coefficient.

How to place bets on volleyball correctly?

To successfully bet on this sport, it is important to know all the features of betting on volleyball matches. For example, to know what balance is in volleyball.

  • In this sport, the role of individual players cannot be underestimated. A team usually has one or two volleyball players who score more than 15 points per match and determine the result of the match. Therefore, you should look for information about the condition of such players: whether they have any injuries, whether they will participate in the match at all.
  • In volleyball, you should trust statistics — both team statistics and individual volleyball players. If some players have an average of 6-7 innings per game, it is likely that this number will also be close to these figures in the game you are considering. The same applies to the number of blocks and other statistical indicators.
  • You should pay attention to the team’s competitive schedule and tournament motivation. If the team played several matches during the week, ensuring the desired result in advance, then for sure the reserves will play in the final and not decisive game. This means that the result may not be what you expected initially. Bookmakers are quick to navigate such situations, and the odds can change dramatically several hours before the start of matches. Therefore, sometimes it is better to place bets just before the game starts.
  • In volleyball, it is important to stick to pre-match analysis and not rush to place live bets. Even if the favorite slightly “let go” of the opponent at the start of the game, in most cases it takes its toll by the end of the set.

Where to place bets on volleyball?

Knowing the secrets of betting on volleyball matches is not enough, it is also important to find a convenient bookmaker office where you can make bets. Despite the fact that volleyball is one of the top ten most popular sports in the world, the variability of the painting and the amount of information for analysis on it are noticeably inferior to football, tennis or other popular sports. But this does not mean that it is impossible to find the best bc.

Among the Russian online bookmakers, we can mention the company 1xStavka, which offers a wide list of events. In this office, you can bet on the outcome, handicap and total both for the entire match and in separate sets. Here you can bet on individual player stats, timeouts, and aces. There are also combined bets in the set/match format.

Also a good offer for fans of volleyball betting at BetCity Betting Company. Perhaps, because of the possibility of betting on individual indicators of players, this office is out of competition among Russian online bookmakers.

BC Zenit is another company with extensive opportunities for betting on volleyball. Here you can even bet on the exact score in a separate set or on the victory of one of the teams with a certain point difference.

Most other Russian online bookmakers limit their choice of bets on volleyball to the outcome and handicap, even if not everyone has totals. We also note the fact that all bookmakers have a high margin of bets on volleyball: it rarely falls below 4%, being, as a rule, in the range of 5-8%. This is one of the reasons why volleyball is not played as often as football, basketball, and other sports.