Water polo or, as it is also called, water polo, can hardly be called a popular sport for betting. Despite this fact, it is one of the oldest in the history of the Olympic Games. Men’s water polo competitions were first held in 1900. Women’s competitions debuted at the Games exactly 100 years later, in 2000. We tell you only the basics and basics of both the sport itself and betting on it.


Features of water polo, changes in the rules

Water polo matches have a rich history, but this is not the case when the rules set once do not change for years. Initially, water polo was more like rugby: players could grab each other, drown, snatch the ball in all possible ways. Naturally, this led to a great danger of this sport. Therefore, over time, the rules began to be tightened in the direction of maximum safety of water polo players. At the same time, it became clear that water polo under the new rules will be a very boring sport. In order to increase the entertainment, the time for developing the attack (constantly decreasing) and the time for removing a player for a foul were introduced.

Constant changes in the rules are a feature of water polo. The new laws are trying to make water polo a more entertaining game, that is, everything is done in the direction of more goals. Before each tournament, you should carefully study the changes in the rules and place bets on competitions based on this.

Types of water polo bets

Bookmakers often limit themselves to only basic bets in their water polo list.

Bets on the outcome. In water polo, a draw is possible, so there are three options available for betting on the outcome: the first team wins (P1), a draw (X), and the second team wins (P2).

Bets on winning with a handicap. Water polo is one of those sports where in most matches there is a pre-known favorite (there is too much difference in class). This makes handicap betting particularly popular in water polo. The handicap allows you to equalize the teams ‘ chances of winning, and the player can consider betting options with higher odds. Most often, the handicap step in a water polo mural is 1-2 goals, no more.

Bets on winning a period. A water polo match consists of 4 periods of 8 minutes of clean time each. Accordingly, the player can bet on winning in each individual period. Or to win in a separate period with a handicap.

Bets on totals. They try to make water polo more attractive to the audience every year. The rules change in the direction of reducing the time for possession, respectively, there are more goals scored. Betting on totals in water polo is one of the most popular sports betting lines.

How to place bets on water polo

Given the not very popular popularity of water polo, it can be assumed that the bookmaker and the player are in approximately equal position when making a bet on this sport. There are very few decent water polo analysts, and bookmakers rely on the same available statistics as players. Accordingly, with a competent analysis of the match, you can beat the bookmaker’s office at the expense of great knowledge.

Explore the pool

The best way to start betting on water polo is to explore the arena for the upcoming match. The home pool in this case helps the owners more than in most other team sports. In addition, water polo matches can also be played in outdoor pools, which is also important information before the game.

Important players and goalkeeper

The current form of teams, team lineups, injuries of leaders, the form of the best players — all these are standard parameters in the pre-match analysis of any team sport, including water polo. Special attention should be paid to goalkeepers: in water polo, a lot depends on the game of goalkeepers, since on average they can reflect up to 25 shots per match. The stronger the goalkeeper, the stronger the team.

Identify your opponents

Water polo has its own pockets of popularity in the world. Before betting on an international match, you should check out how common water polo is in this country. For example, in Croatia, this game is very popular, and accordingly, water polo teams also have their popularity. Just like in other countries of the former Yugoslavia or Hungary. In women’s water polo at the moment, there are no equal representatives of the United States.

Which bookmakers can place bets on water polo?

Unfortunately, the spread of water polo has not yet affected Russian bookmakers. Therefore, it is difficult to say which is the best bookmaker in Russia for betting on this sport. Of course, during the World Championships or Olympic Games, many bookmakers offer bets on water polo. You can find a standard line for national championship matches or international games at the following bookmakers:

  • “1xStavka”
  • «Bet League”

The least advanced painting is presented on the website of the bookmaker “Liga Stavok”. It should be borne in mind that even if the bookmaker gives this sport in the list, then the acceptance of bets in the “live” mode may be limited or not available at all. In the 1xStavka Business center, the water polo list is standard: bets on the outcome, odds, and totals. You can also take bets on outcomes by period.