Major League Baseball, MLB – Major Baseball League, or Major US Baseball League. The most prestigious organization that hosts baseball games. It has 30 teams, 29 from the USA and one from Canada. 15 teams are in the American League, 15 in the National League, each with three divisions: West, Central, East.

The season finale in Major League Baseball is called the World Series. In addition to the United States, baseball is played well in Japan, South Korea and Australia. For these leagues you can find quotes from bookmakers.


The pitcher  is in charge of the defense. The server from the pitcher’s slide (the place in the center of the square with the bases) throws serves, which the opposing player tries to beat off so as to reach at least first base. The starting pitcher is released at the beginning of the match, bullpen pitchers can change him during the match, they are also called relievers.
Hitter  is the only player on the offensive team at the start of the attack. Standing in the house and hitting the pitcher’s pitch with a bat. If he runs around the bases and returns to the house, he will bring the team a point, or wounds. The easiest way to do this is to hit a home run.
Line-up  is a list that lists the players of the team in the order in which they will enter the bat. It is no longer possible to return those who have been replaced to the game – neither pitchers, nor hitters.
Empire  is the name of a baseball referee. The main umpire stands behind the batter and monitors whether the pitcher’s serves hit the strike zone.
The Designated Hitter is the offensive player who hits the hitter instead of the pitcher. This happens only in matches at the stadiums of the American League teams. In the National League, the pitcher is included in the lineup and is involved in the attack. This is often an elementary out.

Match structure

An inning  is the period in a baseball game during which both teams are attacked. The guests always attack first (top of the inning), then the hosts (bottom of the inning).
An out  is a successful defensive action that prevented the offensive player who hit the serve from reaching first base. This can be a strikeout (the hitter does not touch the ball while swinging the bat, and this is his third mistake in the duel), fly-out (catching the ball that has not touched the ground), ground-out (the defense delivered the ball to base before it reached there hitter) and some other varieties. Each attack continues to three strikeouts, with six in one inning.
A hit  is a good offensive action when the batter is in base.
Ran  is a baseball point. Awarded when a player on the attacking team has visited all three bases and reached home.
Home Run  – When the ball is kicked out of the stadium, all the attacking team players who are at the bases run into the house. Thus, a home run can bring from 1 point (empty bases) to 4 points (all three bases occupied).
Walk  is a batter’s “walk” to first base after four pitcher mistakes: innings outside the strike zone that the hitter didn’t swing. If the first base is occupied at this moment, the attacking player standing on it moves to the second one.


The ERA, or Earned Runs Average, is the most popular and one of the most inaccurate estimates of a pitcher’s performance. The ERA is the number of runs missed by a pitcher per 9 innings. At the same time, the actual pitcher’s mistakes – hits – are not taken into account by the metric. If a pitcher loaded the bases, conceding three hits, and then made a third out and finished the inning, the ERA would remain at zero.
WHIP – Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched . A metric that takes into account the number of hits and pitches a pitcher misses in one inning. Much fairer assessment of the server’s quality of play. In the previous scenario with three missed hits, WHIP will take these errors into account. A bad pitcher may have a low short-range ERA, but a high WHIP (over 1.5) will indicate that he is just lucky.
OPS  is the main metric for a hitter: it shows how often he hits and how powerful. Homerun increases that number more than the average hit to first base. Players have an OPS of more than 0.850 in impact (American spelling – .850).