Modern pentathlon has several names: pentathlon, sports pentathlon, pentathlon. But all this is one and the same sport, or rather, a symbiosis of several sports disciplines at once. In this article, we will tell you about the most important thing you need to know about pentathlon if you are going to bet on it at a bookmaker’s office.

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The modern type of pentathlon includes:

  • fencing
  • swimming
  • show jumping
  • running and gun shooting

In fact, we have four sports at once (one of them is unique), in each of which an athlete must be equally good. Pentathletes are considered ideal athletes.

A few words about the history of this sport. The first pentathlon competitions were held at the ancient Greek Olympics. Competitors at that time were mostly soldiers.

The pentathlon got its modern look at the beginning of the twentieth century, when Pierre de Coubertin asked to include a mix of various competitions in the program of the Olympic Games. Until t

he middle of the century, only officers were allowed to compete.

Pentathlon rules

Pentathlon consists of five sports disciplines, two of which (pistol shooting and running) are combined into one. Usually the competitions are held according to the standard scheme: first, fencing, then swimming, then show jumping and, as a result, mixed (shooting and running). Each individual sport has its own standard, after completing which the participant receives 250 points (300 points in show jumping). For the fact that the standard is exceeded, the athlete receives additional points. If the participant does not reach the standard, points are removed from him.

Fencing is the first and longest stage. All participants must fight each other in a circular system. The duel goes on until the first injection. To meet the standard, you need to deliver 70% of accurate shots (that is, win 70% of the fights).

Swimming – a 200 meter freestyle swim. The standard is set at 2 minutes 30 seconds. For every second exceeding points begin to deduct.

Show jumping. The only type of pentathlon where 300 points are awarded for meeting the standard. The standard is difficult – it is necessary not only to quickly overcome the track, but also to make as few technical mistakes as possible.

Running and shooting laser pistol is the final stage. Here, the participants are distributed at the start, depending on the points they scored in the previous stages. The athlete who has achieved the best results starts first, followed by the rest in order: every 4 points of separation from the opponent allows the participant to start one second earlier. Running distance – 3000 meters, fire cutoffs – every 800 meters. In total, there are 4 firing lines at a distance, each with 5 targets. Each athlete is limited to a time frame of 50 seconds (per shooting line). The one who comes to the finish line first becomes the winner.

Types of pentathlon bets

Winning bets . Before the start of the competition, the bookmakers estimate the chances of winning each participant and offer their own odds. The player can bet any athlete to win.

Bets on the distribution of final places. Often there are few bets on winning (the difference in class between athletes is too obvious), so bookmakers offer bets on who will be in the top three, in the top 6 or top 10 based on the results of all competitions.

Comparison Betting . A very interesting type of bets. The player is invited to compare which of the athletes will be higher at the end of the tournament. The intrigue is that you can compare opponents of the middle level or even the weakest ones.

Bets on winning in a separate competition . One of the most difficult bets. It is much easier to predict the winner based on the results of the entire pentathlon than to predict who will win in a particular sport. Many athletes focus on one stage in order to then retain the gained advantage.

How to bet on the pentathlon

The pentathlon has a huge number of small and medium nuances that only an analyst deeply devoted to this sport can know. It is almost impossible to find a high-quality forecast for the pentathlon. Most of the experts appear during major events like the Olympic Games.

This sport depends entirely on one athlete. What form is the participant in, is he ready for a specific start, does he have health problems – all this information must be available. The importance of the competition should also be taken into account: in small competitions, sensations often happen, since the strongest athletes do not give their best on them.

When betting on individual pentathlon sports, it is worth examining the preliminary seat allocation. Often, already before the third stage (show jumping), many athletes lose their chances of being among the prize-winners, and they have an incentive to simply reach the finish line.

It is worth studying the biographies of athletes: what kind of sport he came from, how long he did and what heights he achieved. This information will help you better determine which of the participants to bet on at a particular stage of the pentathlon.

When betting on show jumping, special attention should be paid to horses. Athletes recognize their four-legged companions only 20 minutes before the start. Watch carefully the trial runs: how the horse obeys the rider, are there any hiccups when passing the most difficult elements, etc. Betting separately on show jumping is the most difficult, but also the most interesting type of bets in pentathlon.

The last type of pentathlon program (running + pistol shooting) is given to each athlete differently. Pre-study if the participant had a track and field background, whether he was involved in running. Pentathletes-runners very often at the final stage snatch the lead from those who performed better in the first three stages. There are even so-called finishers, who averagely go through all the stages, and then “shoot” in the fourth and fifth types of the program.