Gaelic football is not yet widely popular among bookmakers ‘ clients and sports enthusiasts. And in vain-this is a very interesting and fascinating subject in its own way.

This game resembles a “mix” of sports such as rugby and the usual football for Europeans (for Americans — soccer), with Australian football. For more information: the difference between Australian and Gaelic football is so insignificant that players are constantly moving from one league to another.

The birthplace of Gaelic football (or “Gaelic football”) is Ireland. Here, this sport is so popular that it eclipses even “ordinary” football and hurling.

What is Gaelic football: a little bit about the game and rules

In this still exotic sport, the field is divided into zones that are designed to use the appropriate limbs. If in some areas the match participants can only play with their hands, then in others-only with their feet.

For goals, there are goals that are most similar to rugby goals. With the only difference that such gates have two halves: the upper and lower. If a goal is scored in the lower half of the goal, the team earns three points, and in the upper half — one point. The game consists of two halves. On each of these segments, teams are given 30 minutes to achieve the result.

If the winner of the match has not been identified in two halves of half an hour, an additional period of two halves of ten minutes each is assigned. If there is a draw here, the audience will see the second match-a replay.

The team consists of 15 people, the same number of players are waiting for their chance on the bench. Each team has five substitutions available to strengthen as the game progresses.

The main competition in Gaelic football has an uncomplicated name-the Irish Championship. This tournament is played by all county teams without exception, as well as some Irish diaspora clubs living in London and New York.

On the territory of other states, this sport has not gained popularity. In the vast expanses of Great Britain, the USA and Australia, there are half-amateur groups that are much inferior in skill level to their professional colleagues from Ireland.

It is known that Gaelic football in Ireland was already common in the Middle Ages. However, it was only in the 19th century that this sport received the main “statute” – a set of rules. In 1887, the Irish Gaelic Football Championship was launched.

To get the right to perform at the national level, the team is a future participant of such a competition.

the team must take first place at the county level. Since this type of football has not yet gained a wide geographical distribution, there is no equivalent to the “normal” World Cup in Gaelic football. But since the World Cup in France named after Zidane & Co (since 1998), the national teams of Ireland and Australia test each other every year with a series of non-representative matches. In order for Gaelic and Australian rules football to eventually “merge” into one, both sides have long played according to agreed international rules.

What types of bets on Gaelic football are offered by bookmakers

Issue. A traditional bet option for almost any sport. We found out above that if the match comes to a draw, overtime is played, or even a replay is scheduled. You can bet both on the victory of a particular team, and on the world outcome of the meeting. It is important to find out the rules of the office — whether extra time will be taken into account or not.

Total goals. You can choose the option with the total total, total goals by half, as well as the individual total of teams.

bidsLong-term options . The following options are available: the option to win the national championship or reach a certain round of the competition.

Win with a handicap. You can bet not only on the victory of the team with a handicap, but also choose a handicap for individual halves.

Other bids. Variants familiar to other sports with the first effective action, an even or odd total, and other components that are largely inherent in matches in “normal” football.

Time/match. The player is faced with the task of guessing not only the outcome of the match, but also how the first half of the match will end. Quotes on such markets are often offered in double digits.

Among the important points for betting on” Irish ” football, we note this: the line in this sport is undergoing changes due to the actions of ordinary fans. Fans of this sport often place bets following the call of personal sympathies. For this reason, in the line of bookmakers you can often find more than interesting offers.

What are the features of Gaelic football betting?

If you decide to try your luck and bet a couple of hundred dollars on this sport, you need to take into account several important nuances. So, in the Russian-speaking segment of the Network, you will not be able to find the necessary knowledge. That is, if you want to bet on such football not “blindly”, you need to thoroughly search the Internet resources of Ireland, visit local forums and wind up the opinion of the “Celtic” fans of this sport.

We said earlier that there are no international Gaelic football tournaments yet, and they are not expected to appear in the coming years. Therefore, if you place bets on this sport, they should relate specifically to the Irish Championship.

The basis of Gaelic football is the physical condition of the players. This is the main factor that needs to be taken into account in the preparation of football players.

Which bookmakers can bet on Gaelic football?

1xStavka Bookmaker offers many options for betting on Gaelic football. Here are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th divisions of the NFL, the Connacht, Leinster, Munster, and Ulster championships.

The bookmaker bwin offers Gaelic sports competitions, including events in “Irish” football.

But even if you conduct a thorough analysis of the risks and the current state of players, you should understand that there are no win-win strategies. Therefore, to significantly increase the chances of success, you need to monitor statistics and track information.