Beach soccer is a seasonal sport. Obviously, in the cold and snow, no one will play football on the sand. Indoor beach soccer tournaments are always a special case. It is quite expensive to turn this into a system. You can play all year round only in countries where the climate permits. It is impossible to do this in Russia.


The Russian Beach Soccer Championship is a fairly short-lived tournament that includes only three summer months. During this period, the teams play 4 game sessions and then meet in the super final. There is no division according to the classic version – home and away matches. Once a week, all the clubs of the Russian championship gather in one of the cities and play 4-5 matches. For example, this season was hosted by St. Petersburg, Saratov, Moscow and Samara. The Superfinal was held in the capital.

In European competitions, there is also no division into away and home matches, as in big football. The Champions Cup was held in Portugal in early summer. For 10 days 58 teams have determined the strongest club in Europe. It was the Portuguese Braga, who beat the Kristall club from St. Petersburg in the final.

The World and European Championships differ only in scale.

Beach soccer is a relatively new addition to the large soccer family. The first world championship under the supervision of FIFA took place only in 2011. It is pleasant to note that this championship was won by the Russian team. Until the era of great attention from FIFA, international football was dominated by the Brazilian national team. At the present stage, South Americans have been pushed to the Olympus. Of the last four world championships, they have won only one. Russia won in 2011 and 2013, Portugal won in 2015.

So far, beach soccer cannot be classified as a serious sport. While classic football or futsal has a long playing season, which allows players to have permanent contracts, then beach soccer cannot yet offer massive professional contracts for several years in advance.

Types of beach soccer betting

There are no draws in beach soccer. Rather, the game in regular time can end in a draw, but in this case, overtime goes on, and then a penalty shootout. A similar system is used in hockey. Another analogy with hockey is the three game segments. In beach soccer, this is three halves of 12 minutes. Only pure time is taken. During long breaks (injury, free kick), the stopwatch stops. If the ball flew out of bounds, time continues to run.

Classic options for betting on a winner or a handicap can be taken both throughout the match and by playing segments.

In beach soccer, performance is higher than in big soccer. But with the development of the game, the huge score is less and less common. The level and class of players grow, it becomes more difficult to score goals in batches.

Beach soccer betting outside of the classic trio is highly tournament dependent. Statistics or the ability to bet on a goal scorer appear only in major competitions.

How to Bet on Beach Soccer

Club beach soccer and national team beach soccer are very different from each other. It is important for each player to study the starting lineups of the teams. At the national team level, the roster rotation is not that great. Leading footballers have been playing for their country for a long time, so the division into top teams, middle peasants and outsiders is clear. You can trace the dynamics of changes in the results.

There is a high staff turnover at the level of club football. Even within the same summer season, the composition of the team at different stages may differ. This summer the club has money and has invited skilled players. There is no funding for the next year – completely different players play. Watching the history of the teams’ games over a long distance should be more careful.

The beach soccer field is very compact. The goal threat comes from every point. Any footballer can deliver an accurate shot, including the goalkeeper. The sand creates an uneven surface, it is impossible to build combinations through the play of a low pass. Most often, players pass the ball on horseback, use casts and long passes. This style gives many beautiful moments and strikes after acrobatic jumps.

Thanks to the compact size of the field, even an outsider can come up with a goal out of nothing at any time. One lucky hit, one accidental bounce off the sand – and the ball flew into the net. In beach soccer, teams can score multiple goals in one minute. Relaxation is quickly punished here.

In which bookmakers to bet on beach soccer

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