Handball is a relatively young sport. The first hand ball competitions (literally translated as “handball” in English) were held at the XI Olympic Games in Berlin. Only then did the World and European Championships appear. Betting on handball is developing along with the betting business: every year this sport is becoming more popular, and bookmakers offer a richer line of handball.


Handball is played indoors on a 40×20-meter court. Each team
has 7 players (6 fielders and one goalkeeper), the goal of the game is to score as many goals as possible in
the opponents ‘ goal. A handball match consists of two halves of 30 minutes with a 15-minute
break. The game is played by hands, there are rules of the game that limit
the ability of one player to hold the ball for more than three seconds. Understanding all the rules is
one of the main features of betting on this sport.

Types of bets on handball

Handball is a team sport, and betting on it is traditional for betting lines.

On the outcome. In handball, there are three types of bets on the outcome: the first team wins (P1), the second team wins (P2), and the draw (X). Usually, the odds for a draw are very high, because due to a solid performance, a draw in this sport is unlikely. In a match between two roughly equal teams (the same quotes on P1 and P2), the draw coefficient is usually 7.00 or higher.

To win with a handicap. Quite often in a match, one team is listed much higher before the game than its opponent. To provide equal odds in both directions, bookmakers use fora. A handicap in handball is an advantage of a certain number of goals given to the weaker team before the start of the match. To understand whether such a bet won, you need to add to the final result of the game the odds that the bookmakers gave before the match started.

On the total. This is a productive and energetic sport, which usually scores a lot of goals. Betting on totals implies a certain number of goals to be scored in a match. A handball match lasts 60 minutes (two halves of 30 minutes each), and during this time, an average of 50 goals are scored, almost one ball per minute.

For an individual total. A slightly more difficult choice is to bet on the individual total of an individual team. The player needs to predict how many goals a single team will score. This type of bet is influenced by many factors, so it is considered more difficult than betting on the total total.

On the goals of both teams. When betting on goals from both teams, the player is asked to predict whether the teams will score a certain number of goals. For example: each team has 25 goals. This type of bet is similar to betting on the total amount.

On the exact goal difference. A complex type of betting on handball is a bet on the victory of one of the teams with an exact goal difference. It is usually offered with three-goal difference options (winning by 1-3 goals, winning by 4-6 goals, etc.).

Combined bids. You can also play a variety of combined bets in handball. For example, this is a combination of one team’s victory and the overall total (the first team’s victory + a total of more than 51.5 goals).

How to place bets on handball correctly

Before you start betting on handball, please read carefully:

  • handball rules
  • rules of bookmakers when accepting bets on this sport
  • rules of handball tournaments
  • favorites, underdogs, and outsiders

This is a standard set of things to understand when betting on any team sport, including handball.

Handball is an outwardly simple sport, but it has a lot of different nuances. Not all the subtleties of the game will be immediately clear. As in any other business, success in betting on handball comes along with the player’s experience. Therefore, make your first bets either on the demo account of bookmakers, or on small amounts that you will not be sorry to lose if something goes wrong.

Analysis and statistics for betting on handball

Even 20 years ago, it was difficult for fans of handball to find any high-quality statistics of matches. The situation with analytics was even worse: there were few real experts in handball. However, everything is changing with the development of the era of open information. Now you can find almost any statistics on the Internet. This can be statistics of an individual team, tournament, player, and so on. The number of good handball analytics has also increased.

Along with the flow of good information, there was also a stream of pseudo-analytical articles about this sport. Many of them describe their own strategy for betting on handball: it often happens that the authors-“analysts” do not even know all the rules of the game, but nevertheless give their advice.

It should be taken into account that, for example, the strategy of betting on live handball is not much different from pre-match bets: here you also need to know the rules of the game, the rules of handball tournaments, favorites and outsiders, but you need to act faster, since some outcome can be decided much faster. Therefore, collect all available information, analyze it, and filter out any unnecessary information. This does not guarantee winning in bets on handball (or any other sport), but it will save you from obviously failing bets.

Which bookmakers have bets on handball?

Modern bookmakers try to offer players as rich a betting line as possible. Handball is a popular sport, and betting on it is also very popular in recent years. The line can be found on the websites of all Russian bookmakers without exception. Most often, the lines represent national championships of countries, international tournaments at the club level and at the national team level.

The best book store in Russia with the most complete list is “1xStavka”. On the bookmaker’s website, handball is a separate sport, under which all championships available for betting are opened. After selecting a specific match, the entire mural will appear in the center.