Speedway is a popular type of motorcycle racing. Arrivals are carried out on an oval track with a length of 260 to 400 meters. This type of high-speed motorsport is notable for its spectacularity, attracting the attention of not only fans, but also bookmakers. Many bookmakers today offer to bet on the speedway. We figure out what and how to place bets.

Speedway features

To understand how to bet on speedway, you first need to get to know this sport better. The first international speedway competitions, which did not yet have the status of an official world championship, were held back in 1929 in Great Britain. But the real world championship took place in 1936.
Speedway races are often held in regular stadiums, and the races are very short-lived. As a rule, participants need to complete four laps in order to determine the winner of the race. Sometimes the number of circles increases.
The first to arrive at the finish line receives 3 points, for the second place they give 2 points, for the third place – 1 point. But this is not so easy to do, because the speeds are very high and contact with an opponent is possible. Therefore, falls often occur in speedway, this sport is traumatic. Usually there are four riders in a race, but sometimes six or even eight riders compete in a race.

Types of speedway bets

Despite the maximum simplicity of this type of motor sport, some bookmakers provide a fairly wide list of events for speedway betting.

Betting on the winner of the race is the simplest and most popular among speedway fans. In this case, you just need to predict which of the race participants will come to the finish line first. In this case, a draw is possible in speedway, which should be borne in mind when making a bet.

Bets on the winner in a series of races , as well as on the correct score and the lead in the score. To calculate such bets, points are calculated based on the results of all races of the competition.

Who is higher is a classic rate for distance sports disciplines. In this case, it is necessary to predict which of the participants will take the higher place at the end of the race.

The fastest lap bet is a popular type of betting in high speed sports. It is required to name the rider in advance who will hold the race record for the fastest lap.

A handicap bet in which you predict with what time gap the leader will get ahead of the closest pursuer (or how far the pursuer may be behind). Moreover, the odds are offered both with whole seconds and with tenths of a second. You can bet both with a minus handicap on the leader (implies a clear advantage), and with a plus handicap on those who lose to the winner of the race (implies a permissible lag).

Long-term betting on the winner of the competition. For example, the winner of the World Cup at the end of the season.

Some bookmakers offer to bet on how many participants will be able to finish the race. The lower the skill level of the participants, the more likely they are to retire due to a fall, or to be removed from the race due to too low a speed.

Most bets are made before the start of the races, but it is possible to place a bet on the speedway online. Although, due to the transience of a separate race, this opportunity is rarely used.

How to choose a speedway bet and what to consider when analyzing events

To make successful speedway bets, you need to take into account many factors that can affect the outcome of the races and, accordingly, the outcome of the bets.

  • In speedway, the weather has a big influence on the result of the race. If it rained before the start of the race, then the chances of the owners of the track and other participants are leveled.
  • The circles in this sport are small, but knowledge of the track still helps to achieve the best results. Therefore, the location of the race must also be taken into account. This can be compared to soccer fields that meet general standards but vary in length and width. Likewise, in speedway, the track can be longer or shorter, wider or narrower.
  • There are also differences in motorcycles, which are limited by rules in weight, engine power, handlebar width and some other technical characteristics. But there is still a wide field for experimenting with a vehicle to achieve better speed.
  • Speed ​​is another metric to look at when betting on a speedway. Moreover, first of all, one should pay attention to the starting speed of the athletes, since it is this speed that allows the riders to get ahead, and this is already half the victory.
  • The results of the races are also influenced by the competition calendar. The more races are held, the more athletes get tired. Their concentration decreases, and the motorcycle may have some minor problems that worsen the results.
  • The presence of injuries, which is common for a speedway. Immediately after injury, a rider cannot be as fast as if he were completely healthy.
  • Experienced athletes adhere to certain tactics in competitions on cinder or ice surfaces. Also, tactics may vary depending on the composition of the participants in the race. Only big speedway fans who are completely immersed in this sport can bet with this factor in mind.
  • The performance experience of athletes is an important factor that should always be remembered. This is especially true when the races are held on ice. Indeed, on such tracks, the probability of falling increases, and even the slightest mistake in the choice of studs can lead to a failure in the race.
  • An important factor is the motivation of athletes. If we are talking about the World Cup, for example, then it can be won several starts before the end of the season. This means that in the final races the leader’s motivation will be reduced. The level of motivation of athletes also depends on the presence of principal rivals in the race.
  • Team competitions are held in speedway, and bets on them should be made based on the overall level of the team. An example is the Polish national team, which has repeatedly won the team World Cup, but in individual competitions the Poles are rarely in first place.