Professional darts are very popular in the UK and USA. Over the past ten years, the game has begun to expand horizons: it is developing in Western Europe, Asia, Africa. Darts fans also appeared in Russia. Along with the demand for sports betting, there were also offers from bookmakers. Darts betting in our country does not yet have a wide audience, but there is a player in these markets as well.


Basic rules of darts

The foundation of darts as a professional sport originated centuries ago in Britain. The game was originally played in pubs and was played only for amusement. Over time, the best players began to appear, which was the main reason for the first professional tournaments. I must say that the main rules of the game of darts have not changed for many years.

The game is played one-on-one. Before the start, each player is awarded a certain number of points – most often 301 or 501. Dartsmen take turns approaching the target at a distance of 2.37 meters and throw three darts. Depending on which part of the target hit the sports projectile, the player is removed from the corresponding points given at the start.

The object of the game is to reset your points balance before your opponent does. An important rule: the balance should be exactly zero, not go into negative territory. Otherwise, the player’s last throws will not count.

The dart target consists of 20 sectors, two rings of doubling and tripling points, a bullseye and a center of a bullseye. It is curious that the player gets the maximum number of points in one approach not for three hits in the center of the bull’s-eye, but for three hits in the ring of tripling the points of sector “20” (180 points are obtained). Thus, the minimum required number of darts for wagering 501 points is 9 pieces, that is, 3 sets.

Note one more important rule: during the last throw, the player must hit either the bull’s eye or the doubling of points.

Every time a player resets his balance, he wins the so-called leg. Usually the game is divided into sets, in each of which the winner must win from 3 to 5 “lags” (depending on the tournament). To win a match, you usually need to win 3 sets.

Types of darts bets

With the growing popularity of betting on darts, Russian bookmakers are trying to offer both the maximum line for this sport and the widest range.

Outcome betting . The main type of bets: it is proposed to bet on the future winner of the match. In darts, opponents of the same level are rarely found, so quotes will almost always have a favorite / underdog. Note that there are draws in darts, but not all bookmakers offer 3 outcomes in lines.

If the bookmaker offers bets on only two outcomes in the match (the victory of one of the dartsmen), then in case of a tie, there will be a refund. Read carefully the betting rules of each bookmaker.

Betting on the exact score by sets . The darts winner should win usually 3 sets. Accordingly, there are not many options for betting on the exact score by sets (6 outcomes). The odds for this type of bets are quite high.

Handicap in sets . Since the forces of the opponents are usually unequal, bookmakers often offer bets on handicaps per set. This evens out the quotes and makes the game more interesting.

Total by sets . The maximum number of sets in one game is usually 5. The bets on the totals for the sets are also matched accordingly: 3.5 or 4.5.

Checkout bets . The term “ checkout” in darts means the end of a game in one go. That is, the player analyzes whether he can reset his points balance with three darts. Bookmakers offer several options for checkout bets at once. The most popular: which of the players will checkout the most (get more points in the last throw when cleared) or just the total of the maximum checkout.

Total sets of 180 points . One of the most intriguing darts bets around. We have already calculated that a player can score a maximum of 180 points per set. Bookmakers offer bets on how many such approaches will be per match. The totals range from 1.5 to 6.5.

Other types of darts betting . The list of bets is constantly growing, and bookmakers for major tournaments like the World Cup are ready to offer bets for every taste. Starting with what color of the target the last dart hits, and ending with whether the player can end the game with the minimum number of darts (9).

Long term darts betting . It is proposed to bet on its future winner before the start of a major tournament.

What is the correct way to bet on darts?

Don’t think that darts is fun, and the favorite should always beat the underdog. It is as professional a sport as many others, and it requires certain skills that dartsmen bring to perfection. Darts betting requires just as much care as betting on other sports.

Features of tournaments

Before placing a bet, carefully study the rules of the tournament. There are many different rules in darts, which, although they have a certain standardized form, may differ from place to place. The main differences are the number of “lags” in the set (or no sets at all), the number of initial points a player has, the obligatory methods of zeroing points in the last approach. All this and much more in the rules directly affects the outcome of bets.

Player Features

Study your opponents. Since darts is a one-on-one game, the study of the characteristics of each opponent can become the main topic of match analysis. As with any other solo sports (tennis, archery, rowing), a lot depends on what form the dartsman is in. We must not forget about the psychological component: the dartsman’s nerves are his bread. If the player is upset about something or simply does not concentrate properly, it will be difficult for him to win.

Explore the characteristics of the players. A deeper analysis of their statistics can give the correct hint when placing a bet. Does the player like to take risks? Are you ready to check out 170 points? How important is a face-to-face confrontation with a future rival?

In reality, the analysis of a single darts match can take up to several hours.

Darts betting strategies

There are many dart betting strategies available on the internet. Some sites even promise a win-win strategy. Legalbet reminds that when betting on any sport, including professional darts, you have to think with your own head. There are no win-win strategies for darts in nature, otherwise bookmakers would never have introduced this sport into their lines.

The best bookmakers for darts betting

During a major darts competition (World Championship), almost all Russian bookmakers are ready to offer their own line for this sport. In most cases, the list is limited to the outcomes of matches, totals of sets and handicaps for sets. But some bookmakers are ready to offer players a wider range of rates. We will introduce them to you.

Darts bets in the 1xStavka betting center are represented by the widest line-up. Almost all options for making sports bets can be found on the bookmaker’s website. The line is on the left. First, the tournaments available for bets open, then the players’ matches. By clicking on the selected game, the player in the middle of the screen will see all the available list from the bookmaker.

In BC “League of Stakes”, perhaps, there is not such a rich line for darts or painting. But all bets are intuitive, you don’t need to read any rules to find out what the bookmaker means by this or that item.