Such a sport as rowing is not very popular in the territory of the former Soviet Union. Nevertheless, it has its own audience. In this article, we will tell you about the most important things about this sport, and also try to find out if it is true that betting on rowing is not only interesting, but also promising.


Rowing is considered an “aristocratic” sport in terms of betting, too: very few, only the most skilled betting enthusiasts prefer it. Perhaps because they want to experience something new or tickle their nerves.

Or because they think in pragmatic terms. For example, they see this sport as having real advantages over “competitors” in betting. These include an abundance of tournaments, competitions and championships, which allows you to choose your bets based on many previous swims.

You can bet on both single heats and rowers trying to win the eight-man race. In this context, it is important to distinguish between different types of rowing. Academic rowing stands out in this discipline, but there is also canoeing and kayaking. In turn, these varieties are divided into many subspecies. Among the most popular subspecies are swimming in water bodies, rafting in extreme conditions,and rowing marathon.

History of rowing

The birthplace of rowing is Britain. The first competitions in ” classical “rowing, called “academic”, were held in the penultimate century. Since at that time the sport was rapidly gaining popularity and spreading across the territory of many countries, already at the end of the century, in 1882, the International Rowing Federation appeared.

Since 1900, this sport has been included in the Olympic program. Over time, it became a hobby of not so many sports fans, and it did not gain such popularity as football, basketball, hockey or tennis.

Bids worth paying attention to

To the prize place. The task of the bettor is to choose the team that, in his opinion, will be among the first three at the finish of the heat. In addition, individual bookmakers provide the opportunity to choose the top three winners as such (the sequence, as a rule, does not matter).

On the winner. Option to determine the winner of the tournament (athlete or team).

For the elimination of a participant or disqualification of the team. Do you want to predict the failure of a race participant? Bookmakers offer bets on individual athletes or a specific team that can get out of the race.

On the team that doesn’t make it to the next round. In this case, a prerequisite must be that the competition will be multi-stage. In this case, you can opt for a scenario in which one or another team does not make it to the next round of the tournament.

To the final place of the team If you think that the national team, for example, Sweden (or any team X) will be on the third line at the end of the tournament, this bet option is for you.

Rowing betting Features

In the topic of betting on any unpopular sport, it is important to find “your” offices. Given that the distribution of rowing betting among players is not so widespread, not every bookmaker can offer what you need. Finding a reputable, reliable company is the first priority.

It is not difficult to find information about this sport if we are talking about theory. As for the “practice”, the analysis of the performances of individual athletes or teams, it is not so simple.

Since this is a complex issue not only for players, but also for bookmakers, betters with good skill can turn this gap in their favor.

In addition, it is important to remember that you are not alone in your desire to tickle the nerves in betting on this sport. There are definitely like-minded people in the Network, and you should not be lazy in finding them.

It is worth deciding on the type of rowing that interests you. So, in rowing, which is called academic, the results of participants are largely approximately the same. But in heats with extreme conditions, the result of the performances of athletes and teams that were recently leaders in their niche can be sensationally unsuccessful today.

Let’s also return to the issue of frequent overestimation by bookmakers of their knowledge about rowing. Because of this, teams that consist of young athletes are often very undervalued, and this is a chance to win if you have better information.

In which offices can you bet on rowing?

The best bookmaker for betting on rowing is most likely “1xStavka”. Also, options for rowing quotes are available in the offices of “Leon” and bwin.

If you are hoping to find information about win-win rowing betting strategies here, we will disappoint you: they do not exist. Each of us can only approximate the moment of satisfaction from the analysis performed, but for this we need to pay due time and attention to the issues of informational support of events and statistical indicators.